Monday, June 9, 2014

Three Themes Project

For this project, I decided to keep my usual motif of night skies. These pictures tell a story of my journey in life. Past, present, future. The past is of younger me, not sure where I stand in the universe. I can't see my potential, so I'm looking down. In the present, I see my potential. I see my goals and dreams in the stars and moon. In the future, I can see myself grabbing my life's dream, realizing that I have out grown most of my goals and see much more potential for myself.

This was a difficult project for me, surprisingly. I wasn't sue how to show this time line and make it clear to people. I realized that perspective was a big part in showing this message. I'm glad I was able to get many different angles in these pictures. The last one is by far my favorite.

Thank you for reading.


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